The Inevitable

by Weasel Walter

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Having commissioned Weasel Walter for a release for Tombed Visions, I wasn’t disappointed when he sent me back the riotous, unrelenting and rhythmically audacious ‘The Inevitable’. What simply astonished me, was that this was a solo a recording. Exactly. I literally had to triple check this fact with him. This a not the sound of a well-oiled, well giged and near telepathic trio, but the sound of one man playing with the ferocity and inventiveness of 20. A man that has such a complete vision of his own language that he literally able to perform, improvise and summon the sound of band that have been playing together for decades all on markedly different instruments, clawing out the most extreme sonics from Double Bass, Drums and Guitar. And that’s because Weasel has been doing exactly this for decades. Both sides rush by like an express train to pain. Even in the moments when the drum grooves become stuttered and shards of space are cleft in the sound, the double bass carving out deep, coagulated earthen rumbles, these pockets of seeming rest are permeated by a kind of amphetamine rush, waiting to kick back in and turn you synapses into cinder. And there is so much groove in this record. Weasel’s skin shearing, acidic surf guitar is perhaps the guiding force of the record, spraying the battle locked drum and bass with sheets of sounds that’ll sting your eyes with the amount of sweat they’ve been produced with. Although seemingly unremitting and sustained in its sonic attack, the aptly titled ‘The Inevitable’ has so much worthy of revision in it. Of course, it’s a by the throat record, but repeated listens, when you focus the individual patterns, licks, contrapuntal elements involved in the maelstrom your ears are bleeding from, there is a real mastery to be detected. So much detail is in the ferocity, which makes it all the more alarming. This is a beating administered by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. And you should just accept and submit to it.

"Usually, these groups depend upon intuition and interaction to lift what might otherwise be a cavalcade of shredding into something more than the sum of its parts. This isn’t case with The Inevitable, mainly because this white-hot tempest of guitar, double bass and drums is solely the work of US avant guitar mainstay Weasel Walter, who laid down each piece of seismic jigsaw on his ownesome then shaped them into the two slabs of pile-driving whoomf.

Its relationship to the canonical idea of ‘jazz’ may be somewhat tangential, found more in the flowing openness of the drum rhythms that circle around the incessant riffing, like amoured assault helicopters swooping down from the heavens. Nevertheless, The Inevitable is an awesome work of sonic tessellation, even more inspiring for its organic feel. It really does seem like the result of three people in a room, playing their hearts out, locked in an act of communal spontaneous noisemaking while loose enough for each individual voice to let rip when it needs to. Granted, a single bum in the producer’s seat means that group noodling is avoided, but just as heartening is Walter’s ability to keep his own excesses in check, turning a messy blowout into a scorching death ray of sustained fury, the tidal surge of his surf-inflected guitar adding a nice rusted clang to the general noise that is closer to the classic Sharrock burn in spirit rather than actuality"
- Paul Margree, We Need No Swords

"The Inevitable is billed as a solo album, something which seems impossible when you hear it. McLean writes: “I literally had to triple check this fact with him. This a not the sound of a well-oiled, well giged and near telepathic trio, but the sound of one man playing with the ferocity and inventiveness of 20.” Dwelling on how it was made seems superfluous, but for The Inevitable Weasel Walter has singlehandedly pulls double bass, guitar and drums together into visceral euphoria. Where Daelman, Troch and Serries is a celebration of communication, reasoning and exploring, Walter goes straight for your throat — detonating from the very first second in a full on, unrestrained assault of all three instruments; never relenting from that ferocious pursuit of clarity through intensity."
- Daryl Worthington, Secret Decoder


released October 31, 2016

Weasel Walter - Electric Guitar, Double bass, drums

Published by Sedition Dog Music (BMI)
Recorded August 16 2016 in Brooklyn, NY
Artwork by Weasel Walter



all rights reserved


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