1. Sentenced To Love

  2. Sentenced To Love (Limited Edition Version)

  3. The Garden of Unknowing
    Colin Fisher

  4. Live at Islington Mill
    David Birchall / Andrew Cheetham / Alan Wilkinson

  5. Free Piano From The English North
    Stephen Grew & Adam Fairhall

  6. OMA

  7. See The Looks On The Faces
    Sloth Racket

  8. Blonde, Arms Tight Black
    Several Wives

  9. Lamb Alley
    Jeff T Byrd

  10. Holy, Holy
    Brandon Lopez / Chris Corsano / Sam Yulsman

  11. Day Realms
    John Dikeman / Dirk Serries / René Aquarius

  12. Suitable For Night

  13. Shepherds of Cats & David McLean
    Shepherds of Cats & David McLean

  14. Church
    Mark Hanslip

  15. Live Life
    Bad Body featuring Circuit Breaker

  16. The Attic
    Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Marco Franco

  17. Vanishing

  18. Shepherds of Cats & Günter Heinz
    Shepherds of Cats & Günter Heinz

  19. The Difficult Second Album
    Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Andrew Cheetham

  20. This Gift
    Naked (On Drugs)

  21. Buried

  22. Desimber

    Jan Daelman, Dirk Serries, Thijs Troch

  24. The Inevitable
    Weasel Walter

  25. The Hole
    The Ghost

  26. OVAL
    Graham Dunning / Colin Webster

  27. Prepared Rhodes / Unkown
    Yes Blythe

  28. Night Realms
    René Aquarius / John Dikeman / Dirk Serries

  29. Aulos' Second Reed
    Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

  30. Court
    Joseph Quimby Jr

  31. AYN SØF

  32. Night Streets Of Madness
    David Birchall / Andrew Cheetham / Colin Webster / Otto Willberg

  33. Fevered Realities
    Cornered Yet Climbing Featuring Kelly Jayne Jones

  34. Herd
    School House

  35. Shepherds of Cats with special appearance of Dariusz Błaszczak and Panelak
    Shepherd of Cats

  36. Kin
    Colin Fisher & Ricardo Lagomasino

  37. Solo
    Sam Andreae

  38. Do You Know I Live?
    Bad Body

  39. Wren / Le Chat Est Parti
    Joseph Quimby Jr

  40. I Didn't Mind You Improvising, I Just Wish You'd Done It Better

  41. Apnoeic
    Duke of Zuke

  42. Two Comissions for Cassette Tape
    Ex-Easter Island Head

  43. Troubles? I Got A Bartender

  44. TV12
    Circuit Breaker

  45. Soft Focus
    School House

  46. Secret Paths
    I Have Eaten The City

  47. Zeit Der Aufklärung

  48. Grid
    Circuit Breaker

  49. Riga
    Joseph Lawrence Quimby Jr

  50. Reclaiming Fire
    Cornered Yet Climbing

  51. Moving
    MJF Chance

  52. Fixing Our Future / Nothing Official

  53. I Swear I Saw Her Halo

  54. Invocation One - 13/10/2012
    Macarte / McLean

  55. Shards of the Sky

  56. Vanishing

  57. Love Hz (Tombed Visions Reconstruction)
    Tombed Visions


Tombed Visions Records Manchester, UK

Tombed Visions is a Manchester based cassette label specialising in sound art, ambient music, experimental electronics and improvisation and aims to showcase the fringes of contemporary independent music. All releases are limited edition and packaged with care, combining a love of graphic design, photography, typography with the wondrous sounds released. ... more

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